Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing

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For full brows, bright lip color and eyeliner that never smudges, permanent cosmetic tattooing can revolutionize your daily makeup routine. Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic micropigmentation, is a process that embeds pigment beneath the skin to achieve elegant, permanent results.

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Permanent Lip Color

Full, luscious lips are a hallmark of femininity. An ideal lip shape and color should be balanced harmoniously with the proportions and coloring of your face. During your thirties, the color of your lips begins to pale and the sharpness of the natural border fades. This natural process can cause your lips to lose their definition and appear less voluptuous. As you move into your forties, the fullness of your lips diminishes even further. Gravity may also begin to take its toll during this time, causing the corners of your mouth to droop, contributing to a more aged facial appearance. 

Lips After Tattoo
Before Lip Tattoo

Permanent lip color can:

  • Enhance your natural lip color
  • Perfect your lip shape
  • Redefine your natural lip border
  • Create the illusion of fullness

During your initial consultation, our experienced specialist will analyze your facial structure and design the ideal lip to complement the features and proportions of your face. Once you approve your customized design, the treatment will be performed to precisely correct the shape, color and proportions of your lips, providing you with beautiful, long-lasting results.

Permanent Eyeliner

An essential element of most makeup regimes, eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, bolder and more beautiful. However, traditional eyeliner can run and smudge easily. It can also be challenging to achieve optimal lines that compliment your eye shape.

Permanent eyeliner can save you time, enhance your appearance, and best of all, never smear or rub off your skin. Permanent eyeliner offers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Enhances light-colored lashes
  • Gives a fuller look and makes small eyes appear bigger
  • Eliminates the stress of applying makeup to create symmetry to both eyes
  • Minimize makeup use for those who want a more natural look
  • Gives the appearance of thicker and darker-looking lashes
  • Adds dimension, definition and/or contour to eyes
  • Beneficial to those with eye makeup allergies
  • Reduces makeup application time
  • Eliminates the sleepy and tired look often experienced by those with deep set eyes
  • You can sleep, swim and exercise and still look great 24/7

With permanent cosmetic tattooing, your eyeliner will be applied in the style and color you choose. From thick or thin, soft and natural, to a more glamorous look, whatever your preference, one thing is certain: you can say goodbye to pencils and liquid liners forever!

Permanent Eyebrows

Your eyebrows provide expression, frame your eyes and highlight your features. Their density and shape are often among the first things people notice about you. If you are unhappy with your eyebrows and frustrated with inadequate and time-consuming techniques that temporarily camouflage the imperfections of your brows, permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattooing may be your ideal solution.


Brow Tattoo After
Brow Tattoo Before

roviding natural, hair-like strokes, our permanent eyebrow specialist can deliver astonishing results that mimic the texture, shape and color of real eyebrow hair. Unlike the commonplace “block brow,” our treatment offers ultra-realistic designs, imitating the growth and shape of your natural brow hairs whether you have some or none at all.

Whether you suffer from thin, pale or uneven brows, our permanent brow treatment can give you full, lush brows that will look effortlessly stunning for years to come.

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