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Profound by Syneron Profound is an energy-based treatment that stimulates and rebuilds collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin smooth and elastic. Performed without surgery…

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Profound by Syneron
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Profound is an energy-based treatment that stimulates and rebuilds collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin smooth and elastic. Performed without surgery or fillers, profound can dramatically improve skin on the face or body that has changed with age. A single treatment creates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin smooth and elastic.

Profound has been approved by the FDA for treatment on the face and neck. It has been found to be clinically effective on other parts of the body. This revolutionary technology takes about 45 minutes and the end result is tighter, smoother skin and your own natural collagen and elastin production.

Profound offers the following treatments:

  • Profound Lift treats sagging jowls and loose skin under the neck
  • Profound Contour defines the jawline or double chin
  • Profound Smooth treats other areas of loose skin.

**Before and after photos courtesy of Syneron & Profound doctors**

Skin Resurfacing – ProFractionalcfps_partnerlogos_sciton-220x160

For dramatic improvement in wrinkles, scars, tone and texture with little to no downtime.


Visit Sciton’s website to learn more about this laser procedure.

Skin Resurfacing – MicroLaserPeelcfps_partnerlogos_sciton-220x160

This treatment can physically soften unwanted wrinkles, evidence of past solar damage and other signs of skin aging. Also used in conjunction with the ProFractional and PhotoRejuvenation.


Visit Sciton’s website to learn more about the MicroLaserPeel.

Photo Facialpicosure-logo

For the treatment of sun damaged skin, age spots and redness. Phototherapy uses innovative Broadband Light(BBL) technology. BBL allows your physician to precisely target and treat skin conditions such as sun spots. BBL works by using heat to target the upper layers of your skin to stimulate icon-logo-lrskin cells to regenerate new collagen.


We use the Cynosure Picosure laser or Icon system for Photo Facials or pigmentation problems.


Super Photo Facialicon-logo-lr

Super Photo Facial includes wrinkle reduction, skin texture improvement and skin tightening with the new Icon 1540 laser. It also offers brown spot and redness reduction with the new Icon Max G. Look years younger in as little as three treatments. Minimal down time. Results are the closets to the CO2 laser without having the down time associated with the CO2.


Visit the Cynosure website for information on our laser procedures.

Skin Tightening

We offer two different machines and procedures for skin tightening. The Sciton laser uses radiofrequency skin tightening of face, neck and body. Precision TX is laser skin tightening and contouring of neck and lower face. Call the office for a FREE consultation to learn which procedure is right for you.

Tattoo Removalpicosure-logo

Tattoo regret? You are not alone. 1 in 5 people regret their tattoo. Using our new Picosure laser, tattoo removal treatments are faster, more efficient, and more comfortable for patients. Learn more about the latest technology behind Picosure.


Microneedling targets texture, fine lines, and large pores (Has, Vitamin C, PRP (growth factors)). Rejuvapen is a minimally invasive procedure that uses micro-needles to penetrate the skin in order to activate the skin’s natural repair response. These tiny punctures prompt collagen production and repair elastin to stimulate cell regeneration. The skin is nourished with oxygen-rich blood cells so it becomes smoother and firmer over time.

Stretch Marks

We are now able to improve the appearance and texture of stretch marks in as few as 3-5 treatments using a fractional laser handpiece from Cynosure’s Palomar Icon System. This laser is the only FDA-approved laser for the treatment of stretch marks making it a one-of-a-kind treatment. The laser uses pulses of light to break down stretch marks and trigger new tissue production. The new collagen helps improve the color and texture of the skin.