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Allure MediSpa offers a number of advanced treatments for hair removal, fat and cellulite reduction, and minimizing spider veins.

High-Speed Automated Hair Removal 

Say goodbye to unwanted hair quickly and comfortably. Our treatment is effective on all skin types. If you are ready to get rid of unwanted hair, or if you would like more information regarding this latest advance in laser hair removal, please contact us today.

We utilize Cynosure lasers for laser hair removal. For more information on the Vectus system, please visit the Cynosure website.


Flat, non-suction applicator for non-invasive lipolysis. Helps to get rid of stubborn fat.

For additional information, please visit the Cynosure website for SculpSure.


Cynosure Triplexcynosurelogolarge3x2

Cutting edge technology for office-based contouring procedures of body, arms, neck and lower face and cellulite reduction.

SmartLipo Triplex

Laser liposuction for the neck, arms, abdomen, flanks and thighs. For more information, visit Cynosure’s website for SmartLipo.

Precision TX

Laser treatment for contouring of neck/lower face via heat-stimulated collagen production. Visit the website for information on this revolutionary treatment to learn more on how to get a surgery free necklift.


Laser treatment for cellulite reduction via fatty tissue coagulation and collagen production for thickening and elasticity. Visit the Cynosure website for more information on this breakthrough treatment.


Endermologie is an advanced cellulite reduction treatment. This soothing, invigorating, deep massage-like treatment stimulates the skin and reduces cellulite by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Endermologie is a great follow up post surgery to help break up scar tissue and improve circulation.

For more information on LPG Endermologie visit their website.

Vascular Therapy

If you are bothered by spider veins, ask about sclerotherapy for injecting the veins.

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