Advanced Body Treatments - Allure MediSpa

Allure MediSpa offers a number of advanced treatments for hair removal, fat and cellulite reduction, and minimizing spider veins.

Main Line spa offers advanced body treatments


At Allure MediSpa in Paoli, PA, we utilize a variety of treatments to help you achieve your healthy skin and body goals. We use cutting-edge technologies, laser therapy, radiofrequency energies, as well as minimally and non-invasive procedures. During your consultation, we will discuss your history, lifestyle, and expectations to develop an appropriate treatment plan.


Some of our advanced body treatments include:


For patients bothered by cellulite, we offer Endermologie treatments. This soothing, invigorating, deep massage-like treatment stimulates the skin and reduces cellulite by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Endermologie is a great follow up after surgery to break up scar tissue and to improve circulation. For more information on LPG Endermologie visit their website.


To schedule your consultation or to learn more about our advanced body treatments, call Allure MediSpa in Paoli. Call 610-648-0468.